Is there a way to play AVI Format Roku media player

play AVI Format Roku media player

Do you want to play files of AVI Format Roku media player? Finding ways to the play AVI format Roku media player? Here is the solution to your problem. is here to provide you the entire information about your query.
Since you are eager to know the procedure of playing the AVI Format on Roku player, here are the steps you need to follow to make it possible.

Converting AVI format into video formats supported by play AVI Format Roku media player

If you want to play AVI Format files on Roku media player you need to convert the AVI format files to the MP4 or MKV files formats supported by the Roku media player. For this purpose, you don’t have to log in to your Roku account. 
A software naming “iDealshare VideoGo” is available which can convert the AVI format to Roku supportive format. This software is available for both Windows and Mac PCs. It can change over various video groups into the formats supporting the Roku media player.
This software not only converts various formats to Roku supported formats but also includes video altering capacities.
If you are not able to perform all the above-mentioned tasks, then you need to check your internet connection.

The process to convert AVI format to Roku supportive format is as follows:

The most important step to convert AVI to Roku is to download the converter, install the converter and run it.
• You don’t need the internet to run the software which is the biggest advantage.
• Importing all files: Press “Add File” option and select all the files you want to stream on Roku.
• Choose the Format that Roku supports from the “General Video” category.
• Tap “Convert” button to begin the conversion from AVI to Roku.

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