How to update Roku software on your Roku Streaming Device

update Roku software

Facing problem with your Software? Want to update Roku Software on the Roku device? Well, you are at a perfect place. Here is a solution to all your problems and provide help to update the Software.

Generally, Roku streaming players are always working with an updated version of the software. Roku device will automatically check latest software is accessible for downloading during setup and at the time of the switch on the power supply and also check randomly after every 24-36 hours. Additionally, without interrupting the Roku device, installation and downloading have done automatically.

Before checked manually for a software update, the first question strike into the mind that why? So, here is an answer, why you want to check software update manually?

  • Your Roku device is not working for a large period of time.
  • You have currently added New Channels from channel storeroom .
  • In the case of freshly installed a Roku Private Channels on your account.

In such type of situations, you need to check software as well as channel updates manually.

Steps for check update Roku software manually:

So, here are some easy instructions to manually check for a Software Updates or Channel updates:

  • First of all, press “home” button on your Roku Remote to appear the main screen.
  • Afterward, choose “Settings” option by scrolling up or down the menu list.
  • Furthermore, choose “System” option and, then hit on “Software Update” option.
  • At last, choose “Check Now” option for manual checking Software updates.

NOTE: The System Update Screen appears with presently installed software and Build version, including the date and time of recently update software.

However, if any latest software updates or channel updates are available, then your Roku player will automatically download and install them. When all installation are finished, your Roku Device will restart itself,

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