How to Troubleshoot Roku Streaming Media Issues

Roku streaming Media Issues

Want to fix Roku streaming Media Issues? The most elastic and versatile media streamers available in the world today is Roku. You can use Roku streaming player to view the best online stuff and also the content stored in your local storage.

The biggest quality of using Roku online is that it allows the user to view the best content on your big TV screen. Roku is a platform that provides around thousands of channels and Roku streaming Media Issues for the entertainment of customers all around the world.

Roku works very efficiently with almost all types of TVs; but there come some issues while using issues is here to provide you solutions to meet the issues.

Let’s now discuss some of the common issues which you can face while using Roku streaming player.

Roku streaming media issues

  • Doesn’t support all file formats:

One of the major problems that the customers face is Roku not supporting all file formats. This issue is the most important issue as customers have different types of files in their mobile storage which Roku is unable to detect.

If you want to play these files you need to get help from the third party source.

  • Not able to play media from your computer to Roku device:

Generally, there is no direct way which can allow you to play or stream media from your computer to Roku. If you are really in need of playing the content from computer to your Roku device; you must use a reliable third party tool for the same. helps you to find the most reliable third party tool.

  • Video buffering or playing low-quality videos:

Being a viewer the most serious problem one can face while using the Roku device is the buffering of video taking place. The reason behind this problem can be the problem in your internet connection.

If you want to stream the online videos without any interruption and buffering the speed of your internet connection must be around 3mbps. provides you some more steps which you can follow to overcome the issue:

  • Moving Roku device near your router.
  • Replacing the device if necessary.
  • Keep away all other electronic devices which may connect to the router.
  • Use wired network connection rather than wireless connection.
  • Roku getting stuck

Since it is not as big issue as the earlier ones; the issue must be resolved to prevent further interruption. The solution to this issue is updating the firmware.

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