Roku Streaming Stick vs Google chrome cast

Roku Streaming Stick vs Google chrome cast

Confused between the two leading streaming devices: Roku streaming stick vs Google chrome cast ? Have no ideas which one to prefer over which device? If yes, then no need to worry, you are at a right place. Just visit and satisfy your needs related to the context.

Both devices are tiny streaming sticks that are similar in some aspects like,

  • Connects to the back of your TV
  • Use USB port or power outlet for power
  • Also, stream media from the variety of sources

But these devices differ from each other in many aspects. Here are some facts that can help you in choosing the best streaming device between the two leading devices. Let’s differentiate them on the basis of some important points.

Apps:Roku Streaming Stick vs Google chrome cast

Roku streaming stick: Talking about the apps, nothing can beat Roku’s massive 1,200 channel library. You can also use Roku app to add or remove the required content on your smartphones.

Google Chrome Cast: When it comes to Google Chrome cast, the number of apps featured by it also goes in thousands; but variation in casting platform support can create frustration among the users.


 Roku Streaming Stick: The Roku streaming device is available for $51 in the markets.

Google Chrome Cast: While this chrome cast device of Google is available for an unbeatable price of $35 in the market. Both the devices are cheap, but the Google Chrome cast is much cheaper.


 Roku Streaming Stick: When it comes to remote, Roku streaming stick has a flexible approach towards it. It includes a standard RF based remote. It supports Chrome-cast style remotes with which users can choose rather use regular remotes or stick with their mobile devices.

 Google Chrome Cast: It has a very simple approach toward the remote right from the beginning. It works better for search heavy apps.


Roku Streaming Device: One of the major reasons behind Roku Streaming stick beating Google in search is the cross-platform support provided by Roku. The search feature works so efficiently that it can also predict the search terms just on the basis of few characters typed.

Google Chrome-cast: It relatively consists of sophisticated TV, but the major weakness is opening several apps to find the required content.

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