How to reduce motion blur in fast-moving scenes on your Roku TV .

fast-moving scenes

Motion blur in fast-moving scenes  basically is a visual effect caused more likely due to the streaks formed by rapidly moving objects in a still image or a sequence of an image. The visual effect caused becomes most noticeable in action scenes and sports programs.

Motion blur creates inconvenience when you are watching any live sports program on your television where conventional cameras expose pictures 25 or 30 times per second.

If you are facing the similar issue of motion blur, you can use Action Smoothing feature on your Roku TV to minimize the visual effect. You can also visit to get more information if required.

All Roku TV models available in the market possess this Action Smoothing feature in them.

How does Action Smoothing feature work of fast -moving scenes?

Basically, the Roku TV uses Action Smoothing feature to provide a certain degree of smoothness to the original video in order to reduce motion blur of the video. The Roku TV provides you with different settings of this feature, as the amount of smoothness depends on the option selected by you:

  • Off: No smoothing takes place, audio remains as it is.
  • Low: very low amount of smoothing is there selecting this option
  • Medium: moderate amount of smoothing takes place
  • High: significant smoothing is done.

How to use Action smoothing?

Action Smoothing feature of Roku TV appears in the “Advanced Picture Setting” submenu of the Options menu.

  • Open the Options menu by pressing the star button on your Roku TV during playback.
  • Select Advanced Picture Settings by scrolling up or down the list.
  • You can also modify the Advanced Picture Settings by using directional pad present on the Roku TV.

Also, if Action Smoothing feature is not listed in the Advanced Picture Settings sub menu, then Roku TV doesn’t support the feature.

Post effects using Action Smoothing feature

  • Besides using higher Action Smoothing feature which results in the greatest reduction of motion blur fast-moving scenes; there can occur some undesirable side effects including disappearing of small objects.
  • If these types of cases occur, you should either use lower setting or can also turn off the feature.
  • There are unique settings available of Action Smoothing for every input and each type of content used.
  • Every time the gaming mode is on for any of the HDMI or AV inputs, on your Roku device; the Action Smoothing feature automatically turns off and disables itself.

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