How to Increase Memory with a Micro SD Card .

Micro SD Card

Introduction :-

Some Roku devices also allow the access to the Micro SD Card slots. Sd card slots allow the expansion of the internal memory for the Roku device. Using SD card the space to install more channels and games increases from the Roku Channel Store. But the use of SD card is not for storing the personal media of the viewer. If one want to access the personal media, then that can be done using a USB device.

If a user adds more channels from the Roku channel store and a device has not enough space; then the screen may suggest the user insert an SD Card to smoothly run the installation process.

And if space is not required urgently and the user has inserted a micro SD card; then the card fastened the installation speed.

Here are the steps required in the installation procedure of a Micro SD Card:-

On your Roku player:

  • To insert a micro SD card in the player just insert the card in the SD card slot designed at the back of the player. In order to remove the card back again, push the card again in the card will automatically eject.
  • Tip: in order to access the Micro SD Card slot one needs to remove the HDMI cable from the back of the player first; once the card it inserted cable can be reinserted.

When the Micro SD Card is inserted:

  • As Micro SD Card is detected, select Format option. Any data present on micro SD gets erased as it is formatted.
  • Click on Continue, to begin with, the formatting which may take some time according to the capacity of the card.
  • Now click OK on the “Formatting Complete” dialog.
  • As the formatting is completed, the Roku device is now ready to use the card.

Removing a Micro SD Card

Removing an SD Card from your Roku device will not cause any kind of loss of the channels or games purchased or installed. But without the card, there will be the need of installing the required games and programs again from the Roku Channel Store. No extra charges will be conducted if there comes the need to reinstall the channels already purchased.


Can I move a Micro SD Card to another Roku player?

Moving the channels stored on an SD Card from one player to the another is not possible.

SD card Reformats automatically as it enters any different device.

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