Improved Roku Accessibility Feature

Roku Accessibility Feature

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Now let’s just talk about Roku Accessibility Feature . The basic objective of Roku is to provide an extremely enjoyable streaming experience to the customers including visual and hearing impaired people.

In order to meet the objective, recently new features have been added and improved on the Roku platform providing seamless access to the user.

The features now added and improved are useful to both the set of customers either physically challenged or not.

Here are some Roku Accessibility Feature :

Audio Guide

Audio Guide, mainly a text-to-speech screen reader helps the customers to navigate the Roku user interface and onscreen menus.

As the Audio Guide feature is powered on, it automatically starts reading the text, menus and other on-screen items.

When you do not require the Audio Guide feature, you can turn off it by following two ways; either by clicking on the Options (*) button present below the directional pad on the right side of the Roku remote; or by going to the Accessibility category of the Settings menu.

Going to the Accessibility category of Settings menu can be useful as you can manage the Audio Guide settings by adjusting the speed rate, text-to-speech volume.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning generally is the most useful feature for those customers who have hearing issues.

This feature displays the background sounds, dialogues and sound effects of movies and TV shows on your TV screen, thus helping the hearing impaired customers.

Along with the people having hearing issues anyone not able to understand the dialogues can also use this feature.

The closed captioning feature can be on and off using the accessibility category in the settings menu.

Moreover, If you want to understand the availability of closed captioning in some specified channel then you need to contact the service provider directly.

Voice Search

Roku provides the feature to use your own voice to search any show or movie for your Entertainment.

Hence, you can search across the Roku app by your voice.

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