How to delete Roku Channel from Roku player

delete Roku Channel

Roku streaming device allows you to remove the channel from your Roku player as you want. Moreover, you can remove channels from your Roku device, Roku channel store as well as your Roku mobile app. Here are going to show some steps to delete Roku channel from your streaming device. However, you need to follow some steps to remove.

Firstly, you have to determine you channel subscription before removing. You can take help from our steps to check.

  • Open from your PC or laptop
  • Afterward, sign in to your account
  • Further, you have to click on “Manage Your Subscriptions”

If your channel includes the subscription, you must have to cancel your subscription first. Afterward, you can remove the channel from the list.

Remove channels from channel lineup:

Here we have some steps that will help you to delete Roku channel from channel lineup.

  • Take your Roku remote control to perform steps
  • Simply press home button on your Roku remote first
  • Moreover, tap on the channel as well as highlight that you want to remove
  • Further, you need to press star button on your remote control and open the option menu
  • Afterward, click on “Remove Channel” to confirm your selection

Remove channel from your Roku channel store:

  • Access Roku home screen by pressing “Home” button on your Roku mobile
  • Further, you need to find “Streaming Channels” option and open your Roku channel store
  • Find a channel that you wish to remove
  • Tap on the channel to select
  • Furthermore, select your channel and click on “OK” button on your Roku remote control
  • Afterward, select “Remove Channel” to remove your channel

Remove channel from Roku mobile app:

Install Roku mobile app on your Android or iOS device.

  • Download Roku mobile app from Google play store if you have an Android device
  • Or download Roku mobile app from app store if you have iOS device
  • Moreover, install Roku mobile app on your mobile device
  • Further, launch Roku mobile app on your mobile device
  • After that, you need to find “Channel” icon from the navigation bar of your Roku mobile app
  • Afterward, find as well as select “My Channels” to view the list of your installed channels
  • At last, tap on your channel and hold to view the further information
  • Choose “Remove channel” to confirm your selection

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