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How to delete Roku Channel from Roku player

delete Roku Channel

Roku streaming device allows you to remove the channel from your Roku player as you want. Moreover, you can remove channels from your Roku device, Roku channel store as well as your Roku mobile app. Here are going to show some steps to delete Roku channel from your streaming device. However, you need to follow some steps to remove.

Firstly, you have to determine you channel subscription before removing. You can take help from our steps to check.

  • Open my.roku.com from your PC or laptop
  • Afterward, sign in to your Roku.com/link account
  • Further, you have to click on “Manage Your Subscriptions”

If your channel includes the subscription, you must have to cancel your subscription first. Afterward, you can remove the channel from the list.

Remove channels from channel lineup:

Here we have some steps that will help you to delete Roku channel from channel lineup.

  • Take your Roku remote control to perform steps
  • Simply press home button on your Roku remote first
  • Moreover, tap on the channel as well as highlight that you want to remove
  • Further, you need to press star button on your remote control and open the option menu
  • Afterward, click on “Remove Channel” to confirm your selection

Remove channel from your Roku channel store:

  • Access Roku home screen by pressing “Home” button on your Roku mobile
  • Further, you need to find “Streaming Channels” option and open your Roku channel store
  • Find a channel that you wish to remove
  • Tap on the channel to select
  • Furthermore, select your channel and click on “OK” button on your Roku remote control
  • Afterward, select “Remove Channel” to remove your channel

Remove channel from Roku mobile app:

Install Roku mobile app on your Android or iOS device.

  • Download Roku mobile app from Google play store if you have an Android device
  • Or download Roku mobile app from app store if you have iOS device
  • Moreover, install Roku mobile app on your mobile device
  • Further, launch Roku mobile app on your mobile device
  • After that, you need to find “Channel” icon from the navigation bar of your Roku mobile app
  • Afterward, find as well as select “My Channels” to view the list of your installed channels
  • At last, tap on your channel and hold to view the further information
  • Choose “Remove channel” to confirm your selection

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Is there a way to play AVI Format Roku media player

play AVI Format Roku media player

Do you want to play files of AVI Format Roku media player? Finding ways to the play AVI format Roku media player? Here is the solution to your problem. Roku.com/link is here to provide you the entire information about your query.
Since you are eager to know the procedure of playing the AVI Format on Roku player, here are the steps you need to follow to make it possible.

Converting AVI format into video formats supported by play AVI Format Roku media player

If you want to play AVI Format files on Roku media player you need to convert the AVI format files to the MP4 or MKV files formats supported by the Roku media player. For this purpose, you don’t have to log in to your Roku account. 
A software naming “iDealshare VideoGo” is available which can convert the AVI format to Roku supportive format. This software is available for both Windows and Mac PCs. It can change over various video groups into the formats supporting the Roku media player.
This software not only converts various formats to Roku supported formats but also includes video altering capacities.
If you are not able to perform all the above-mentioned tasks, then you need to check your internet connection.

The process to convert AVI format to Roku supportive format is as follows:

The most important step to convert AVI to Roku is to download the converter, install the converter and run it.
• You don’t need the internet to run the software which is the biggest advantage.
• Importing all files: Press “Add File” option and select all the files you want to stream on Roku.
• Choose the Format that Roku supports from the “General Video” category.
• Tap “Convert” button to begin the conversion from AVI to Roku.

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How to Troubleshoot Roku Streaming Media Issues

Roku streaming Media Issues

Want to fix Roku streaming Media Issues? The most elastic and versatile media streamers available in the world today is Roku. You can use Roku streaming player to view the best online stuff and also the content stored in your local storage.

The biggest quality of using Roku online is that it allows the user to view the best content on your big TV screen. Roku is a platform that provides around thousands of channels and Roku streaming Media Issues for the entertainment of customers all around the world.

Roku works very efficiently with almost all types of TVs; but there come some issues while using issues  www.roku.com/link is here to provide you solutions to meet the issues.

Let’s now discuss some of the common issues which you can face while using Roku streaming player.

Roku streaming media issues

  • Doesn’t support all file formats:

One of the major problems that the customers face is Roku not supporting all file formats. This issue is the most important issue as customers have different types of files in their mobile storage which Roku is unable to detect.

If you want to play these files you need to get help from the third party source.

  • Not able to play media from your computer to Roku device:

Generally, there is no direct way which can allow you to play or stream media from your computer to Roku. If you are really in need of playing the content from computer to your Roku device; you must use a reliable third party tool for the same. Roku.com/link helps you to find the most reliable third party tool.

  • Video buffering or playing low-quality videos:

Being a viewer the most serious problem one can face while using the Roku device is the buffering of video taking place. The reason behind this problem can be the problem in your internet connection.

If you want to stream the online videos without any interruption and buffering the speed of your internet connection must be around 3mbps.

www.roku.com/link provides you some more steps which you can follow to overcome the issue:

  • Moving Roku device near your router.
  • Replacing the device if necessary.
  • Keep away all other electronic devices which may connect to the router.
  • Use wired network connection rather than wireless connection.
  • Roku getting stuck

Since it is not as big issue as the earlier ones; the issue must be resolved to prevent further interruption. The solution to this issue is updating the firmware.

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How to update Roku software on your Roku Streaming Device

update Roku software

Facing problem with your roku.com/link Software? Want to update Roku Software on the Roku device? Well, you are at a perfect place. Here is a solution to all your problems and provide help to update the Software.

Generally, Roku streaming players are always working with an updated version of the software. Roku device will automatically check latest software is accessible for downloading during Roku.com/link setup and at the time of the switch on the power supply and also check randomly after every 24-36 hours. Additionally, without interrupting the Roku device, installation and downloading have done automatically.

Before checked manually for a software update, the first question strike into the mind that why? So, here is an answer, why you want to check software update manually?

  • Your Roku device is not working for a large period of time.
  • You have currently added New Channels from channel storeroom .
  • In the case of freshly installed a Roku Private Channels on your roku.com/link account.

In such type of situations, you need to check software as well as channel updates manually.

Steps for check update Roku software manually:

So, here are some easy instructions to manually check for a Software Updates or Channel updates:

  • First of all, press “home” button on your Roku Remote to appear the main screen.
  • Afterward, choose “Settings” option by scrolling up or down the menu list.
  • Furthermore, choose “System” option and, then hit on “Software Update” option.
  • At last, choose “Check Now” option for manual checking Software updates.

NOTE: The System Update Screen appears with presently installed software and Build version, including the date and time of recently update software.

However, if any latest software updates or channel updates are available, then your Roku player will automatically download and install them. When all installation are finished, your Roku Device will restart itself,

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Improved Roku Accessibility Feature

Roku Accessibility Feature

Not satisfied with the Roku Accessibility Feature of ? Having problems using these features? Want to get more information about the accessibility features of Roku? No need to worry, just visit www.roku.com/link Activation to know more about these features.

Now let’s just talk about Roku Accessibility Feature . The basic objective of Roku is to provide an extremely enjoyable streaming experience to the customers including visual and hearing impaired people.

In order to meet the objective, recently new features have been added and improved on the Roku platform providing seamless access to the user.

The features now added and improved are useful to both the set of customers either physically challenged or not.

Here are some Roku Accessibility Feature :

Audio Guide

Audio Guide, mainly a text-to-speech screen reader helps the customers to navigate the Roku user interface and onscreen menus.

As the Audio Guide feature is powered on, it automatically starts reading the text, menus and other on-screen items.

When you do not require the Audio Guide feature, you can turn off it by following two ways; either by clicking on the Options (*) button present below the directional pad on the right side of the Roku remote; or by going to the Accessibility category of the Settings menu.

Going to the Accessibility category of Settings menu can be useful as you can manage the Audio Guide settings by adjusting the speed rate, text-to-speech volume.

Closed Captioning

Closed Captioning generally is the most useful feature for those customers who have hearing issues.

This feature displays the background sounds, dialogues and sound effects of movies and TV shows on your TV screen, thus helping the hearing impaired customers.

Along with the people having hearing issues anyone not able to understand the dialogues can also use this feature.

The closed captioning feature can be on and off using the accessibility category in the settings menu.

Moreover, If you want to understand the availability of closed captioning in some specified channel then you need to contact the service provider directly.

Voice Search

Roku provides the feature to use your own voice to search any show or movie for your Entertainment.

Hence, you can search across the Roku app by your voice.

Besides this, if you require any further information about the former, you can Related to Activation Code www.roku.com/link .

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Roku Streaming Stick vs Google chrome cast

Roku Streaming Stick vs Google chrome cast

Confused between the two leading streaming devices: Roku streaming stick vs Google chrome cast ? Have no ideas which one to prefer over which device? If yes, then no need to worry, you are at a right place. Just visit www.roku.com/link and satisfy your needs related to the context.

Both devices are tiny streaming sticks that are similar in some aspects like,

  • Connects to the back of your TV
  • Use USB port or power outlet for power
  • Also, stream media from the variety of sources

But these devices differ from each other in many aspects. Here are some facts that can help you in choosing the best streaming device between the two leading devices. Let’s differentiate them on the basis of some important points.

Apps:Roku Streaming Stick vs Google chrome cast

Roku streaming stick: Talking about the apps, nothing can beat Roku’s massive 1,200 channel library. You can also use Roku app to add or remove the required content on your smartphones.

Google Chrome Cast: When it comes to Google Chrome cast, the number of apps featured by it also goes in thousands; but variation in casting platform support can create frustration among the users.


 Roku Streaming Stick: The Roku streaming device is available for $51 in the markets.

Google Chrome Cast: While this chrome cast device of Google is available for an unbeatable price of $35 in the market. Both the devices are cheap, but the Google Chrome cast is much cheaper.


 Roku Streaming Stick: When it comes to remote, Roku streaming stick has a flexible approach towards it. It includes a standard RF based remote. It supports Chrome-cast style remotes with which users can choose rather use regular remotes or stick with their mobile devices.

 Google Chrome Cast: It has a very simple approach toward the remote right from the beginning. It works better for search heavy apps.


Roku Streaming Device: One of the major reasons behind Roku Streaming stick beating Google in search is the cross-platform support provided by Roku. The search feature works so efficiently that it can also predict the search terms just on the basis of few characters typed.

Google Chrome-cast: It relatively consists of sophisticated TV, but the major weakness is opening several apps to find the required content.

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How to reduce motion blur in fast-moving scenes on your Roku TV .

fast-moving scenes

Motion blur in fast-moving scenes  basically is a visual effect caused more likely due to the streaks formed by rapidly moving objects in a still image or a sequence of an image. The visual effect caused becomes most noticeable in action scenes and sports programs.

Motion blur creates inconvenience when you are watching any live sports program on your television where conventional cameras expose pictures 25 or 30 times per second.

If you are facing the similar issue of motion blur, you can use Action Smoothing feature on your Roku TV to minimize the visual effect. You can also visit www.roku.com/link to get more information if required.

All Roku TV models available in the market possess this Action Smoothing feature in them.

How does Action Smoothing feature work of fast -moving scenes?

Basically, the Roku TV uses Action Smoothing feature to provide a certain degree of smoothness to the original video in order to reduce motion blur of the video. The Roku TV provides you with different settings of this feature, as the amount of smoothness depends on the option selected by you:

  • Off: No smoothing takes place, audio remains as it is.
  • Low: very low amount of smoothing is there selecting this option
  • Medium: moderate amount of smoothing takes place
  • High: significant smoothing is done.

How to use Action smoothing?

Action Smoothing feature of Roku TV appears in the “Advanced Picture Setting” submenu of the Options menu.

  • Open the Options menu by pressing the star button on your Roku TV during playback.
  • Select Advanced Picture Settings by scrolling up or down the list.
  • You can also modify the Advanced Picture Settings by using directional pad present on the Roku TV.

Also, if Action Smoothing feature is not listed in the Advanced Picture Settings sub menu, then Roku TV doesn’t support the feature.

Post effects using Action Smoothing feature

  • Besides using higher Action Smoothing feature which results in the greatest reduction of motion blur fast-moving scenes; there can occur some undesirable side effects including disappearing of small objects.
  • If these types of cases occur, you should either use lower setting or can also turn off the feature.
  • There are unique settings available of Action Smoothing for every input and each type of content used.
  • Every time the gaming mode is on for any of the HDMI or AV inputs, on your Roku device; the Action Smoothing feature automatically turns off and disables itself.

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How to use the Roku Channel Store to access your favorite movies, TV shows and more?

Roku Channel Store

Roku has a “Channel Store” to add channels as your mobile have the “App Store” to add the application. Moreover, you can access Roku channel store through your Roku streaming player to add channels and apps including Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Vudu, Sling TV, YouTube, HBO and much more. In addition, some of these channels require for purchasing. Meanwhile, Roku also provides the free channels on your streaming device.

Now we are providing you the methods to add channels through Roku channel store. You can access Roku channel store during Roku.com/link setup and via your streaming device.

Add channels during Roku.com/link setup:

Roku allows you to add channels and apps during your Roku.com/link setup. Follow these steps to complete your process.

  • Your device must be linked to your www.roku.com/link account
  • Firstly, you need to activate Roku account through Roku activation code
  • Create a Roku account and link it to your Roku streaming device
  • Complete all on-screen process steps which are showing on your screen
  • Now you are able to access your Roku channel store from the web directly
  • Further, find any channel that you want to add
  • Then, select “Add Channel” button to install
  • Afterward, activate your channel account that you have added

Add channels through your Roku streaming device:

The second method is, add channel through your Roku streaming device.

  • Roku remote control will help you to give an input in order to add channel
  • Kindly press Home button on your Roku remote control
  • Now you can see the home screen of your Roku
  • After that, scroll and find Streaming channel option
  • Click on the above option
  • Once you select the channel, you will see a details option
  • If you want more information about the channels, click on the details option
  • Further, check you channel if it is paid or free channel
  • For paid channel, you can make transaction through your added credit card or PayPal account details
  • Afterward, you can see the added channel icon on your home screen
  • At last, activate you channel account through the official website

Hope, the above information will help you to access Roku channel store through Roku.com/link account and your streaming device. If you are facing any problem during the process, you can call us at any time to take support.  

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How to Increase Memory with a Micro SD Card .

Micro SD Card

Introduction :-

Some Roku devices also allow the access to the Micro SD Card slots. Sd card slots allow the expansion of the internal memory for the Roku device. Using SD card the space to install more channels and games increases from the Roku Channel Store. But the use of SD card is not for storing the personal media of the viewer. If one want to access the personal media, then that can be done using a USB device.

If a user adds more channels from the Roku channel store and a device has not enough space; then the screen may suggest the user insert an SD Card to smoothly run the installation process.

And if space is not required urgently and the user has inserted a micro SD card; then the card fastened the installation speed.

Here are the steps required in the installation procedure of a Micro SD Card:-

On your Roku player:

  • To insert a micro SD card in the player just insert the card in the SD card slot designed at the back of the player. In order to remove the card back again, push the card again in the card will automatically eject.
  • Tip: in order to access the Micro SD Card slot one needs to remove the HDMI cable from the back of the player first; once the card it inserted cable can be reinserted.

When the Micro SD Card is inserted:

  • As Micro SD Card is detected, select Format option. Any data present on micro SD gets erased as it is formatted.
  • Click on Continue, to begin with, the formatting which may take some time according to the capacity of the card.
  • Now click OK on the “Formatting Complete” dialog.
  • As the formatting is completed, the Roku device is now ready to use the card.

Removing a Micro SD Card

Removing an SD Card from your Roku device will not cause any kind of loss of the channels or games purchased or installed. But without the card, there will be the need of installing the required games and programs again from the Roku Channel Store. No extra charges will be conducted if there comes the need to reinstall the channels already purchased.


Can I move a Micro SD Card to another Roku player?

Moving the channels stored on an SD Card from one player to the another is not possible.

SD card Reformats automatically as it enters any different device.

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