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Activate account using Roku link code

These Roku activation steps will help you to activate account in an easy way. Before this, determine all required belongings that are necessary for account activation.

  • A computer system or laptop
  • Network connection, it could be wired or wireless
  • System should have good signal strength

Now you can follow these steps to activate your Roku account. activation

  1. Kindly open URL first
  2. After that, you can enter Roku activation code on this web page
  3. supports all browser, you can use anyone
  4. submit your Roku link code to proceed further
  5. start to create account
  6. Provide the mentioned details including name, password, verify password and email
  7. If already have a Roku account, you can log in with that account as well
  8. Simply enter your username and password
  9. You can also see the options when you submit the code
  10. Further, choose any one option which is listed on the next page
  11. These methods called payment method that you have to choose
  12. Moreover, select either credit card payment method or PayPal account option
  13. If you are going to select credit card method, provide your credit card details
  14. Otherwise enter your PayPal account details
  15. Again click on continue button to proceed further
  16. Now set a unique Roku transaction PIN for authorized purchasing
  17. All steps are done, start streaming with Roku

Setup your Roku devices including Roku TV and Roku streaming stick

You have to check some necessary belongings first. See the list below.

  • HDMI cable or composite cable
  • Roku remote control
  • Power batteries
  • Power setup

If you have all these things then you can start Roku setup process.

  • First of all, check the type of your audio and video connections. (whether they are HDMI, component or composite type)
  • Connect the Roku player to your TV set using a cable wire.
  • Make sure you have a working internet connection (it could be wired or wireless connection)
  • Then connect your power adapter to the device.
  • After that, click on the power button to get access to the setup screen.
  • Then it will ask for a network option, choose the appropriate option to connect to the internet.
  • The network connection could start the downloading of some latest updates on the device. Wait until the installation of the updates.
  • After the installation, the screen will reboot and shows you a new screen with a unique Roku activation code displayed on it.
  • After the above steps, open your computer and go to the website: and fill out the unique code displayed on the Roku player and click submit.
  • Create a new account for the Roku and create login id and password.
  • Moreover, you can also do channel customization in this section.
  • Afterward, setup a payment method after logging into your account.
  • And once you are done with the linking process, it will display a congratulations screen
  • Attach Roku streaming stick to your HDTV through HDMI port
  • After that, connect Roku streaming stick to the power adapter to provide electricity
  • Then, turn on your streaming stick first
  • Follow the all instruction same as above to complete the on-screen instruction
  • Afterward, add channel and start your streaming
  • There is no need to make extra cable connections
  • Simply attach your Roku TV to the power outlet and turn on it
  • Moreover, provide the internet connection to your TV
  • Download the channels and apps from the Roku channel store and enjoy your day with Roku TV
  • Further, you can use Roku remote control to give text input

Channel Activation on Roku :

Here we have a list of popular Roku channels. Determine your channel from the list. Moreover, we are also providing the activation steps of some most watched channels that you can see after reading this list. These steps will help you to install Roku channels on your streaming device. Firstly, scroll down to see the list of channels. Channel activation

  • Sling TV
  • Netflix
  • Now TV (The UK only)
  • Pandora Radio
  • PBS
  • PlayStation Vue
  • TheBlaze
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Vudu
  • Amazon Cloud Player
  • Amazon Video
  • Crunchyroll
  • Google Play Movies & TV
  • Hasbro Studios
  • Ameba TV
  • BBC iPlayer
  • HBO Go
  • Hulu Plus
  • TV
  • Showtime Anytime
  • Tubi TV
  • WWE Network
  • YouTube and
  • ITV Hub

As all know, Netflix is one of the most popular channels on Roku device that every user wants to install on their Roku. If you don’t know the steps, you can follow our guidance.

  • Open Roku channel store through your Roku device or account
  • Now you can search Netflix over there
  • Moreover, use search field or category option to search
  • Once you find the Netflix icon, tap on that icon to select
  • Kindly click on Netflix icon and read all details carefully
  • Further, you will see an “Add channel” option over there
  • Click on that option and follow all instruction to install channel
  • After that, You have to activate your Netflix account
  • Open Netflix official website to activate account
  • Afterward, sign in with Netflix account and follow all on-screen instruction to activate
  • Enjoy Netflix on Roku

Hulu is the ultimate streaming platform to stream the current as well as latest episodes of popular TV shows and the library of past sessions. Moreover, we are providing the installation steps here.

  • Again open Roku channel store from your Roku device
  • Here you have to search “Hulu” in the search option
  • You can use category option as well
  • Further, click on Hulu icon to see the channel information
  • After that, click on “Add Channel” to add Hulu in your channel list
  • Go to the to activate your Hulu account
  • You need to follow on-screen instructions
  • Afterward, start watching Hulu on Roku

On-demand sling TV service provides only live service for your favorite genres including news, comedy, kids, sports, lifestyle Spanish and more. See the installation steps below.

  • Search sling TV on your home screen
  • If unable to find then search it in your Roku channel store
  • Moreover, click on Sling TV icon first
  • Read out the channel detail carefully
  • Further, it will give you the “Add Channel” option to add
  • Simply click to add
  • Afterward, follow all displayed instruction to activate sling TV on Rou device

Roku is the best platform to want video as well as upload. Moreover, you can download videos and enjoy all YouTube content on the big TV screen. Simply install YouTube on Roku by using following steps.

  • Add YouTube from Roku channel store
  • Moreover, you can also click on “Details” to read all information
  • Further, install YouTube on your Roku device
  • Afterward, you have to create and activate your YouTube account
  • Then you can watch YouTube on your streaming device

These are some popular channels on Rou device. Moreover, we are going to show you the activation steps to activate popular channels on Roku.

Instant Support For All Roku Streaming Player Issues

Determine your Roku problems to take help from Roku com support experts.

  • Link code is not showing on the screen
  • Link code is showing on the screen even after the linking process.
  • The web page is not accepting the Roku link code displayed on the screen.
  • Steps to get a new Roku link code
  • By what method Enter Roku code
  • How to reset your Roku device to get a new Roku link code
  • Unable to login to your Roku account
  • Forget your login id or password
  • Where to get the serial number to enter on the web page
  • How to update your Roku device
  • Slow response of the Roku device
  • TV screen is blank
  • How to get a new code, if the code is expired
  • Playback issues
  • How to customize channels in the Roku account
  • How to search for particular channels
  • Screen is blank (not showing the Roku activation code)
  • Problems in channel version
  • Issues related to channel names
  • Problems during channel switching

How to get online Roku Com Support?

If you are facing issues in your streaming device, you have to take Roku com support to fix. Moreover, you can visit our site for online help and online Roku com support. Besides this, you can also use our Roku live chat support service to save your time. Our expert technicians are always there to provide an optimal solution to fix your Roku problems. You can call us at anytime for Roku technical support and help. We will give the best guidance to activate your Roku.